Blue Nails for Autism Awareness Month April – Part 2

Today I want to share another set of blue nails and some more information for autism awareness month of April. There are two themes associated with this month’s awareness campaign – puzzle pieces, and light it up blue with a lightbulb. I have already created the puzzle pieces mani in a previous post, and now I have the second part with blue light bulbs. This is a very heavy post but I promise you there is light at the end of the tunnel 😉

If you’ve read part 1 of this series, you’ll know that I suspect my sister of having Asperger’s syndrome. A comprehensive article can be found in here, but I will list the symptoms from that website here:

People with Asperger Syndrome usually experience:

  • Difficulty knowing what to say or how to behave in social situations. Many have a tendency to say the “wrong thing.” They may appear awkward or rude, and unintentionally upset others.
  • Trouble with “theory of mind,” that is, trouble perceiving the intentions or emotions of other people, due to a tendency to ignore or misinterpret such cues as facial expression, body language, and vocal intonation.
  • Slower than average auditory, visual, or intellectual processing, which can contribute to difficulties keeping up in a range of social settings—a class, a soccer game, a party.
  • Challenges with “executive functioning,” that is, organizing, initiating, analyzing, prioritizing, and completing tasks.
  • A tendency to focus on the details of a given situation and miss the big picture.
  • Intense, narrow, time-consuming personal interest(s) — sometimes eccentric in nature — that may result in social isolation, or interfere with the completion of everyday tasks. (On the other hand, some interests can lead to social connection and even careers. For example, there are children and adults with an encyclopedic knowledge of vacuum cleaners.)
  • Inflexibility and resistance to change. Change may trigger anxiety, while familiar objects, settings, and routines offer reassurance. One result is difficulty transitioning from one activity to another: from one class to another, from work time to lunch, from talking to listening. Moving to a new school, new town, or new social role can be an enormous challenge.
  • Feeling somehow different and disconnected from the rest of the world and not “fitting in”—sometimes called “wrong planet” syndrome.
  • Extreme sensitivity—or relative insensitivity—to sights, sounds, smells, tastes, or textures. Many people outgrow these sensory issues at least to some extent as they mature.
  • Vulnerability to stress, sometimes escalating to psychological or emotional problems including low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.


My sister has all these traits except the second last one. She has had social problems all her life. She did not have a wide circle of friends and it has dwindled down to less than a handful now, never went out much to parties, dinner, events, etc. She also seemed to resent the fact that I did all these things and more. Our relatives and my own friends too thought my sister was rough around the edges – always gruff with them, responding with one word answers, not really able to be conversational. Her biggest challenge, which is what has caused the current rift between us, is that she cannot read the intentions and emotions of other very well.

Well, I didn’t want to dwell on the issues but at least writing them down like this has now helped me a little with making sense of it all. So now to cheer you all up from such a heavy post, it’s time for some nails, which will hopefully, lighten the mood 😉 Ah gee I seriously crack me up all the time! Lol!!! 😀

swatchOPIMyPalJoey3Figure 1. I started with a base of OPI’s *My Pal Joey*. I’ll do a separate post for these babies later.

swatchChinaGlazeCanYouSeaMe1Figure 2. I then sponged on a looooot of glittah. It’s @chinaglazeofficial in *Can you sea me?* Unfortunately, I didn’t take a swatch photo of just the glitter base. That will have to be done by future Silvie.

autismawarenessblueapril2016Pt2cheeky3Figure 3. #bottleshot. I then stamped over the glitter with light bulb images from @bundlemonster (plate BM-409).

autismawarenessblueapril2016Pt2cheeky1Figure 4. Borrowing a page out of Debbie’s (aka @knitty_nails) book and showing my nails and my knitted not gloves but close enough! ^__^

autismawarenessblueapril2016Pt2cheeky2Figure 5. Solo shot!

autismawarenessblueapril2016Pt2cheeky4Figure 6. And my favourite part – #upcloseandpersonail… ohhhhh yeahhhhh.

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