Gracefull Nail Polish – Butter-ful, Balloons and Stamping

I’ve been getting more into indie polishes lately, especially Australian made ones. I am proud to say that I now own a nice collection of Gracefull nail polishes, which are made in Tasmania by Theresa. In this mani, I have used Butter-ful. It is a beautiful colour but it does take about 2-3 coats to get a nice consistency. It is very creamy in colour, almost like popcorn as Justine @beherenail from ig mentioned when I gave her a preview of this mani. I highly recommend you guys check out Gracefull nail polishes here for Aussies, and here for international. Please note, this is my own personal review and I bought all these polishes myself. I have not been paid or received any goods/services or benefits for this review and recommendation. It is just my own honest thoughts and opinions.

grace-fullpolishhaul1Figure 1. The full list of polishes I got are: Osiris Rose, Uluru, Mount Doom, Marsala Leaves, Southern Cross, Kristen, Gretchen’s Grape, Purplerazzi, Butter-ful, Born To Fly, Cootamundra, Daintree, Barrier Reef, and Bondi Beach. All the polishes arrived individually wrapped in bubble wrap with a lovely note from Theresa. It also arrived quite quickly, about a few days.

gracefullbutterfulballoons2Figure 2. For this mani I used Butter-ful, a beautiful cream yellow base with small glitters. I used stamping polishes from @hit_the_bottle in *Cactus Juice*, *Drunk Tank Pink*, and a light blue stamping polish from bornprettystore. The stamping images are from plates by @bundlemonster + @coloresdecarol BM-XL203.

gracefullButterfulBallonStamp4Figure 3. Solo full hand shot.

gracefullButterfulBallonStamp3Figure 4. More hand shots! ^_^

gracefullButterfulBallonStamp6Figure 5. #mynailsandmyflowers, my favourite kind of shot. These are nemesia flower growing in our garden.

gracefullButterfulBallonStamp5Figure 6. Last hand shot!

gracefullButterfulBallonStamp2Figure 7. And of course, an #upcloseandpersonail macro shot. This design I completed before the balloons one and decided it was too much and not what I was after at all. So I removed it and put on the balloons. I kept this photo for preservation and future purposes, in case I decided to try this design again, maybe with different colours.

gracefullButterfulBallonStamp1Figure 8. A rare shot of my thumb.

gracefullButterfulBallonStamp9Figure 9. My ring finger. Excuse the dryness, I had a cut there that I couldn’t get moisturised, no matter how much I put on.

gracefullButterfulBallonStamp8Figure 10. Last macro shot with a hint of the nemesia flower.

2 thoughts on “Gracefull Nail Polish – Butter-ful, Balloons and Stamping

  1. Drooling again! I love seeing all these extra views and that photo of the polishes has got me swooning!

    1. Thanks Justine! I’m glad you like this. I too love that photo of all the polishes, especially since they are next to my beautiful orchids. Sadly they have finished blooming for the year.

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