Born Pretty Store Review – Tropical Themed Water Decals

Hey guys! I know it’s been such a long time since my last blog post but I’m sure you all understand that life just gets in the way. Plus I’d been travelling lately. And for those who aren’t aware, I’m also recovering from one of my worst periods of depression and anxiety, so it’s been a rough road. But I’m getting there. Anyway, let’s get on with the review shall we!

Figure 1. I was sent 4 items from bornprettystore to review.

The image above shows the 4 items I recently received from Vivian born pretty store for review. Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be showing you designs and giving you my honest opinion about these products.

For this review, I have these fun water decals that are tropical themed (see left, top part of figure 1). I really love the designs on this – they are so interesting and unique. I had so much fun creating a look with them using some of my new nail polishes acquired from my last trip to the US.

As with all water decals, application is a breeze. Just remove the plastic wrap on top, then cut out the design you want, and plonk them in some water. Wait a bit and then slide of the design and on to your nail. Trim off any excess, and then top coat it gently, like you would stamping nail art, so that it doesn’t smear. But having said that, this particular set of water decals was much stronger than a previous one I have reviewed, and the design did not dissolve at all – winner! ^_^

Figure 2. Item number 33972 water decals.

You can find the item at bornprettystore: Item #33972.

And here is the final look I created.

Figure 3. Mani I created using 2 of the water decal patterns. I placed them over Poetry Cowgirl’s *Vous Etes*. The yellow nails are essie’s *Aim to Misbehave*.

I used essie’s *Aim to Misbehave* and Poetry Cowgirl’s *Vous Êtes*. The second polish (the mint green one) was actually a present from Justine @beherenail, whom I recently met in real life in Salt Lake City. She got this polish at The Indie Shop event just the week before we met up. We went on a road trip to Denver to meet another nailie, my big sister Kelly @kpnailexpressions. It was an awesome trip. I will hopefully write a full blog post about it at some stage.

Anyway, to summarise, these water decals were a tropical breeze to use and I love the designs. These do not dissolve like some other water decals are prone to do. This is a highly recommended product.

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