Born Pretty Store Review – Gold Stickers Item #31149

Howdy folks! Hope your day is going swell. I was very productive today! I even had time to rearrange my wine glasses shelves ^_^ BEST. But I still have to re-organise my nail desk to make way for all the new polishes I had brought back from the US! 😮 😮 😮

Anyhoo, today I have review number 2 of 4 from the products recently sent to me by Vivian from born pretty store. These are gold stickers that you can stick directly on to the nail bed without water or glue or anything else fancy! You can buy it here: Item #31149.

Figure 1. The gold transfer stickers come in this little package.

These gold stickers are very easy to peel off and then stick on to the nail bed. The picture above shows the set of stickers with some of them already peeled off because I took the photo after I created the mani. Speaking of the mani design, here it is!

Figure 2. Mani design created with the gold peel off stickers. The designs in this set match my new rings perfectly ^_^

I really wanted to show off this mani with my new rings bought from Old Navy store whilst I was recently in San Francisco. I love how the gold transfer stickers match my new rings so well!

Figure 3. #mynailsandmyflowers solo shot of my skittle mani design with gold peel off stickers.

And of course, a solo shot of the mani with some flowers from my garden. These are penstamons, and they are incredible flowers that are just tough plants with tall flowers. I thought the tones in these flowers went well with my pink/grey/black skittle mani. The polishes used are a medium grey by Whim, Francesca’s hot pink, Chinaglaze baby pink, and Revlon black polish.

I really loved using these gold stickers. They are so convenient and easy to use. The only issue I had was that I was impatient and put the stickers on a couple of my nails before the polish was completely dry. This created a weird layer between the sticker and the polish that then made the sticker sit funny on the nail (see index and ring nails). In comparison to the other nails, which I let dry completely, the stickers sit much better and flatter/smoother. Moral of the story: Have a bit more patience and always wait for your polish to dry before adding any nail art! The other moral of this story: go buy these gold stickers. They are truly awesome and a great way to quickly and cheaply add nail art to your mani without fussing about with freehanding, stamping, or water! Too easy!!! ^_^

Till next time folks, and enjoy the rest of your day.

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