Born Pretty Store Review – Holographic Nail Foil Transfers

Hello again my lovelies! Today I have some gorgeous holographic nail foil transfers sent to me to review for you from Born Pretty Store. You can buy the item here: Item #26083. This one is pattern number 1003.

Figure 1. The foil transfer come wrapped in this pretty packaging with lace pattern.

The design I created with these foil transfers is a green/blue/black gradient over a white base. I chose these 3 colours to see how the transfers would look over different colours. My personal opinion is that it looks best over darker colours. However, if you only want a subtle holographic shimmer, it works nicely over pastels.

Figure 2. Mani design using the foil transfers over all the nails except the pinky.

Figure 2 shows the full mani design. I have used the foil transfers over all the nails except for the pinky nail. Compare the pinky nail with the ring finger – I have used the same black polish base on each nail (Revlon’s *Stiletto*), but put the transfer on the ring finger. You can see how it transforms the nail so dramatically.

Figure 3. My nails and my blueberries! The foils over the gradient and the black polish actually reminded me so much of blueberries.

Don’t you think my nails look like blueberries? ^_^

Figure 4. This picture is with flash, to show off some more of the holographic nature of the foil transfer. It is very subtle over the gradient, and a bit more obvious over the black polish.
Figure 5. Close up – peace out. The blueberries were delicious by the way.

So to use these transfers was very easy! I just waited for the polish to dry to the point where you could still see a fingerprint but it doesn’t smoosh the polish. The technical term would be when it feels “tacky” I guess. I then just placed the plastic design straight over the nail and kind of rubbed it in until it transferred.

At first, I was very hesitant to even try another nail foil transfer because I’ve actually had terrible luck with them in the past. BUT, this version was so much easier to use. I’m extremely happy with it. The only problem I found was that I couldn’t top coat it. As soon as I did, the transfer got dissolved! That is why the transfer looks textured in my pictures because I did not top coat this mani. I actually really love the effect it created, especially with textured polishes being “in” these days.

To summarise, you guys need these holographic transfers in your life. The possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to create more designs with these in the near future. Maybe something christmassy with snowflakes 😉


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