Born Pretty Store Review – Silicon Stamping Decal Mat

Hi hi! From the city of Adelaide. I’m in the Barossa and have been for the past week, which is why my last review post for this round of freebies has been slow to press. So sorry about that! But I’ve finally got some spare time this morning on our second to last day here in South Australia before heading back home to Canberra for a quiet Xmas.

Today I have a review of this product shown on the bottom right. It comes in a cute little cardboard cylinder roll (middle, in between the water decals and gold stickers):

Figure 1. This review is for the Born Pretty stamping mat (bottom right).

I created decals with this mat. It is an extremely good surface to work on and a nice neat travel size. It is foldable/rollable, and easy to wash/clean off with acetone or just peel off the bits of polish if they are clean enough. I got the smallest one available, 21cm by 15cm, sent to me for free by Vivian from born pretty store. You can buy it here from their store and use my code CHEEKY31 to get 10% off any full price items: Item #34555.

Figure 2. My decals drying. I didn’t dry them in the sun btw, that was just for the picture! The mat has a scale on there so that you can gauge how big something will be.

I painted this design freehand with acrylic paints over the top of different polishes.

Figure 3. Left hand decals…


Figure 4. Right hand decals!


Figure 5. This mat is so malleable – look at how it’s rolling up in the wind! 😮


Figure 6. Decals have dried and are now peeled off, ready to put on my nails.


Figure 7. The finished product!


Figure 8. The final mani. This was created for a friend, who was going to see the “Circus 1903” show in town. I made the decals in case she had time to put them on but alas, I had to wear them 😉

The design of the mani is based on a circus show currently playing in Canberra. It is “Circus 1903”. I got inspiration from this poster:

Figure 9. A bit of a close up.


Figure 10. The word “Circus” wouldn’t fit whole on my short thumbnail. So I had to cut it at “us” ^_^

Overall, this is a fantastic product! I will be using this all the time, not only as a stamping and decal mat but it’s great to have something on top of my cutting board that looks neat and tidy instead of paper towels all over the place. I highly recommend this so much. I also love the size of it because I can carry it with me on my travels – when I remember to pack it of course!

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