Born Pretty Store Review – Shimmer Holographic Starry Sky Nail Foil

Today I have some beautiful foil transfers to review, sent to me by Vivian from The transfers look like a marbled pattern, and can be purchased here.

In the past, I have used foil transfers over regular nail polish (drug store brands or indie brands etc). According to the BPS item description, these foils can also be used over UV gel polish. So that is what I have done with this mani. I laid the foundation gel base, 3 coats of a beautiful medium pink colour, then top coat. In between each layer, I cured them in the UV lamp for 2 minutes. A word of advice for the top coat layer – do not wipe with alcohol cleaning agent just yet, because the layer is still tacky and needs this for the foils to transfer properly. As you will see, I had some trouble transferring the full patterns so I ended up with a sort of mish mash of the pattern. I still quite like how it turned out anyway. I then defined the pattern a bit more with a black gel outline around each nail and some black wispy lines across the pattern. Finished it off with gel top coat and cured.

Figure 1. The foil transfers inside a cute little bottle with twist cap.












So my verdict on this item is that it is a little more difficult for me to use on gel nails. I think perhaps if I didn’t fully cure it, it might be easier to stick the foil transfer design to the whole nail. I will have to try again in future. I would also like to try this again with normal polish so stay tuned. Even though the full patterns did not transfer well for me, I still love how the design came out and I hope you do too. If you buy this from born pretty store, please remember to use my discount code CHEEK31 for 10% full priced items. Have a great day everyone! Till next time.


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