Born Pretty Store Review – Mixed Dried Flowers Nail Art

Oh hai! Today I have some beautiful nail art to review from They are a wheel box of mixed dried/preserved flowers. You can buy it from their store: item number 33754. You can also get 10% off any full priced item from their store using my very own code CHEEK31.

Figure 1. The wheel box comes wrapped inside a sealed plastic bag.


Figure 2. Close up of the pink coloured flowers. What other colour would I have chosen to focus #upcloseandpersonail with? 😉


I created a mani design with the light pink flowers. I cut one in half and placed them just on the tips, slight off centre, of my french manicure nails with a twist. I first painted 2 layers of french polish pink, then hand painted the crescent moon tips with Sienna Byron Bay polish in *Promise*. I added a silver glitter border where the crimson and french pink meet. I then carefully placed the cut flowers on to the nails whilst the polish was still tacky (i.e. not completely dry). I topped the nails with the dried flowers with 2 layers of top coat. The finished mani is below.

Figure 3. My finished mani design using the light pink coloured dried flower. It goes nicely with my hot pink dahlia flower from my garden.


Figure 4. #upcloseandpersonail. I haven’t done one of these macros in a long while!


Figure 5. The best nail of them all, except for the top coat smearage streakage of the crimson polish layer, grrrr.


My final verdict: I loved using these flowers and I look forward to creating more designs with them in the future. The only quibble I have with these is, just like water decals, they are one use only. As soon as you acetone them, they are gone for good. I guess that was to be expected, seeing as they are dried flowers which would disintegrate just by breathing on them! Teehehehe. No, but in all seriousness, I do love these and I can live with the fact I will just have to buy more when I run out. ^_^ I hope you guys enjoyed this review and like the design I came up with. Till next time! Mwah! <3


2 thoughts on “Born Pretty Store Review – Mixed Dried Flowers Nail Art

  1. There really couldn’t be a more fitting nail art accessory for you, these flowers are so gorgeous & I love the mani you created. I can’t wait to see more from you.
    Vicky xx

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