Born Pretty Store Review – Square Resin Gem Stones With Glass Paper

Howdy! Today I have the 3rd item of 6 from my latest round of Born Pretty Store review samples, which is a pair of square shape gem stones made from resin. The pattern is like a shattered glass effect. You can buy the item from bornprettystore here: Resin Gemstones. Don’t forget to use my code to get 10% off any full priced item: CHEEK31.

Firstly, these gem stones are very large! I had some trouble fitting them to my narrow nails. They would do better on the middle and thumb fingers.

Figure 1. The resin gemstones come packaged in a zip lock bag.


Figure 2. Up close with the 2 resin gemstones.


Figure 3. Even closer – I wanted to show the detail in the orange coloured one here. The bluish one is slightly out of focus so you can see the sparkle in it.


Figure 4. OMG cannot handle the beauty. Look at that out of focus orange and the sharp detail int he blue one. Incredibly beautiful. Like rainbow marble <3 <3 <3 *__*

My idea with creating a mani to show off these gemstones was to accentuate the geometry of the square lines. So, I decided to go with a half orange and half black look – orange on the tip and black at the base of the nail. I then placed 2 square-ish (alright fine, they are actually rectangles!) gold metal frames on my index and pinky. The 2 gemstones are then the stars in the middle 2 nails, sitting closer to the base of the nails than the tips. I placed them this way deliberately because of how large the gemstones are, and also because I think the black background greatly enhances the beauty of the patterns. I did not top coat the gemstones directly, only placed top coat under the stones and placed them on to the nail.

Figure 5. The finished mani using both resin gemstones, and some extra bling (also from bornpretty store) to accentuate the squareness and geometry of the 3D gemstones.


Figure 6. #upcloseandpersonail with the resin stones. ZOMG. How truly wonderful. I am going to buy the full set. BRB… *swipes credit card*…. ^_^


My final verdict: BUY THEM NOW. These are just perfectly beautiful, containing random patterns of shininess and beauty. They are reusable too, so long as you’re careful in pulling them off and do not top coat them. Having said that, because they are so large, I am not sure how they would go as an everyday wear thing. They’ll probably fall off if you intend to wash the dishes, but if you’re sitting there with your hot date across from you at dinner for an hour, it’ll be fine. Just don’t pick food out of your teeth, or drop the stones in your wine glass… because remember, you should drink responsibly, teehehehe. Much love to you all and see you next time.


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