Born Pretty Store Review – Doughnut Plate L024 by Harunouta Item #37417

Hello! Today I have this adorable stamping plate by Harunouta from bornprettystore to review, sent to me by Vivian. It is an all doughnut/donut themed stamping plate, item #37417. Remember you can use my code CHEEK31 to get 10% off any full price item. Just keep in mind shipping times may vary depending on your location.

Figure 1. The stamping plate came packaged inside a pretty cardboard sleeve, with a blue protective film on the plate itself. Remember to remove the blue film before using this plate!



Figure 2. Stamping plate with the blue film removed. That is the only prep needed for any stamping plate ^_^


For this plate, I really wanted to use the poor donut with the scared look on its face. I also wanted to incorporate the fact that I’m supposed to be on a diet and not allowed to have donuts. But no one said Sasstronaut Silvie, my alter ego, couldn’t have donuts! So I decided to paint her trying to chase a pink iced donut to eat. She is on planet Donut if you look hard enough at the background. The rings on this planet (not shown) are made out of delicious frosting particles. Mmmmmh yuuuuummmm… Ahem. So the background polish used for this mani is an incredibly beautiful, dark silver coloured, textured polish by Pretty Serious Cosmetics called *Robot Monster*.

Figure 3. Ta-da! Sasstronaut Silvie chasing a very frightened pink iced donut.

To offset all that unhealthiness, I decided to take a close up of the mani with none other than purple beans from my garden. The interesting thing about these beans is that they turn green when they are fully cooked.

Figure 4. Offsetting the unhealthy donut theme with purple beans from my garden.

Ohhhhh yessssss, you all know what time it is now… #upcloseandpersonail!!!

Figure 5. Sasstronaut Silvie’s ass with the left side of planet Donut and a background of stars.


Figure 6. Sasstronaut Silvie’s hungry helmet face, facing on the right side of the planet Donut, with more background stars.


Figure 7. The poor, pink iced, frightened donut. He knows what’s about to go down.


My final verdict: You must eat… Ahem, I mean buy, this delicious donut plate. It stamped incredibly well. It was my first time using a plate by the brand Harunouta, and I was so impressed that I have to say, this won’t be my last one I try. The images were all etched so well, I had no trouble transferring any of them to the nail. Mr pink iced donut was of course, reversed stamped, and I think it worked out really well. 10 out 10 pink iced donuts for this stamping plate.



One thought on “Born Pretty Store Review – Doughnut Plate L024 by Harunouta Item #37417

  1. Haha, love the story behind this and the fact you incorporated your diet alter ego into the mani. I honestly feel like my life is avoiding donuts, I love those things. As such I def need to grab this plate!
    Vicky xx

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