Born Pretty Store Review – Umbrella/Car/Tower/Leaf Water Decals

Today’s review is a set of water decals sent to me by Vivian from bornprettystore. You can buy the item from their online store here: Item #38012. There are 12 different patterns in total, with a very romantic, French themed feel. And some leaves, cars, and hot lips:

Figure 1. The water decals are contained on one sheet. Each pattern is a pair. There is a thin film of clear plastic on top which you must remove before using the decals.


Figure 2. Close up of some of the tower and leaf themed decals.


Figure 3. Close up of leaf/cat and Eiffel Tower with flowers themed decals.


Figure 4. Close up of towers and umbrellas and leaves.


Figure 5. More umbrellas and towers and ooooh hot lips and high heels!


Figure 6. These ones are just too steamy (: Wish I had a car like that… Nah, not really, I actually wish I had those red lips.


Figure 7. This looks more London-y to me – red phone booth, and rain. Lol. Sorry England, had to make a rain joke!


Figure 8. More rain and umbrellas and towers.


Figure 9. When I look at these images, it makes me think of French Kiss, when Kate is singing “I love Paris in the springtime” to calm her nerves down before her flight took off…


Figure 10. Paris in the springtime! <3 I would love to go back to Paris, next time in the spring instead of winter.

My idea with the mani I created using these decals was to evoke a romantic sense of rain and highlight the contrast of a red umbrella in the rain. So I chose to compliment the decals with 2 plain nails – the pinky in OPI Liquid Sands textured polish given to me by one of my nail besties, Angela (aka @glacewing). The index is a beautiful shade of light-medium grey, a polish from Sienna Byron Bay called *Marble*. And finally, for juxtaposition purposes, I have chosen a sunflower from my garden for the honour of taking a pic for #mynailsandmyflowers, because I’m ironic that way. And anyway, I don’t have to juxtafy anything.. So nyeah.

Figure 10. My rainy nails and my sunflower.


Final verdict: There are so many combinations and possibilities for story telling on your nails with this water decal set. With 12 different sets of patterns to choose from, you could literally sit there for hours deciding which ones to use. If only we had 120 nails in total, then we could wear them all at once. But then we’d need more for accent nails, etc… Ah just stick to a combination of 2 water decals and 2 accent nails and you’ll be set for the next 6 months teehehehe. I loved how easy these decals were to use and slide off their backings. They also didn’t dissolve upon contact with top coat, so they are very well made. I am extremely happy with this product and cannot wait to use them again for more interesting combinations. Don’t forget to use my code for 10% off any full priced item at Born Pretty Store: CHEEK31. Enjoy the rest of your day my lovelies! Till next time <3

One thought on “Born Pretty Store Review – Umbrella/Car/Tower/Leaf Water Decals

  1. Ooh such a gorgeous concept and your mani is stunning. It’s a tad bit of a shame the red doesn’t stand out a little more, however I love the smokey look they have.
    Vicky xx

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