Born Pretty Store Review – Stamping Plate Round BP-113

Hey all! I have another born pretty store item up for review today. It is the last out of 6 items that were recently sent to me by Vivian. This one is a round stamping plate, BP-113, which you can buy here online from the born pretty store: Item #37512. And guess what??? You can use my code CHEEK31 to get 10% off any full price item from the store too!!! 😮 😮 😮

Figure 1. The plate comes packaged in a cute square cardboard sleeve. It also has a blue film – remove before use!


Figure 2. This plate comes with 4 different patterns to choose from. They are all geometric themed.


For this plate, I had 4 images to choose from, and 4 fingers to work on. Serendipitously, I also had 4 polishes to choose from that were given to me as present by my wonderful nail friends that I met on instgram. On my pinky is OPI Liquid Sands textured polish called *Emotions*, given to me by Angela (@glacewing). I then painted a little bit of Hit The Bottle’s glitter polish called *Andromeda*. My ring finger is  Polish M *Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer*, given to me by Justine (@beherenail). On my middle finger is Carnivale by FOA called *Mango Slurpee*, given to me by Renae (@neon.aholic.nailz). And lastly, the most beautiful silver glitter I have ever come across, Pure Ice *Dazzle Me*, given to me by my nail sistah Kelly (@kpnailexpressions). I wanted to honour this plate for them with these beautiful polishes they had all given to me.

Figure 3. The 4 polishes given to me by my nail friends from instagram form the basis of this mani.

And here is the final product! I tried to match up the colours and textures with the right stamping pattern. I hope I have done this plate and the polishes justice. The index, middle and ring fingers were stamped with black stamping polish (from born pretty store as well), but the pinky was stamped with hit the bottle’s *Midnight Pumpkin*.

Figure 4. The finishes mani with appropriately matched images to the nail polish bases according to colour and texture.


Final verdict: The stamping plate is incredibly well etched, as with pretty much all of born pretty store’s stamping plates that I’ve ever owned or reviewed… and I own quite a lot! ^_^ I highly recommend this product because I think the geometric patterns are unique and really cool to work with. You can really explore your creativity with this plate. Use my code CHEEK31 to get 10% off any full price item at

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