Born Pretty Store Review – Stamping Plate BP-92 Item #33725

Hello! I have finally gotten around to doing my review manis for the last round of products I received from Born Pretty Store. First up is this gorgeous arabesque style stamping plate, BP-92, item 33725. You can buy it here.
I have created 3 different manis with this stamping plate. The details and pictures are below. As usual, there were no issues at all with this stamping plate. All of Born Pretty Store plates are very well etched with good transfer of images. Just remember to take off the blue protective film before you try to stamp ^_^
Product photos:
bpsreviewarabesqueplatebp92_1Figure 1. The plate comes wrapped in a blue protective film, inside a square cardboard cover. Remember to take the film off first before stamping.
bpsreviewarabesqueplatebp92_2Figure 2. BP-92 arabesque style stamping plate with the blue film taken off. Ready for stamping!
Mani 1
Base colour = Sally Hansen Miracle Gel *Tipsy Gipsy*
Stamping polish = bps white
bpsreviewarabesqueplatebp92_3Figure 3. White stamping over a gorgeous pink base. I accented the ring finger with the middle portion of the stamping plate. The other nails contain images from the 3rd inner circle design (counting from the outside in).
bpsreviewarabesqueplatebp92_4Figure 4. #upcloseandpersonail with my first design with the BP-92 stamping plate. See how good the image transference is!
Mani 2
Base colour = Barry M Coconut Infusions *Laguna*, Born Pretty Store glitters in light blue, purple blue, and light peachy pink
Stamping polish = Born Pretty Store black
bpsreviewarabesqueplatebp92_9Figure 5. I got to play with my new Born Pretty Store glitter powders in this design. OMG I love the glitters so much. I just dotted a few bits of glitter underneath the stamping. It just gives the stamped images some extra dimension. So sparkly  *___* I used 4 different portions of the stamping plate. They all work so well together, it is a truly well designed plate.
bpsreviewarabesqueplatebp92_8Figure 6. A sunlight picture for extra sparkle.
bpsreviewarabesqueplatebp92_11Figure 7. Sooo #macrolicious.
bpsreviewarabesqueplatebp92_10Figure 8. These 2 were my only good macro’s of all the mani’s I did for this review. I do have trouble when I am too lazy to set up my tripod to hold the camera as still as possible!
Mani 3
Base colour = Born Pretty Store soak off gel polish white, Sienna Byron Bay gradient in **Utopia*, *Harmony*, and *Love*, Pure Ice *Don’t You Wish*
Stamping polish = konad glittery green
 This one is my favourite mani of the bunch because it gave me a tropical feel. I was trying to evoke warmth to counteract the bloody cold winter setting nicely in to Canberra at this time of year. Brrrrr!
Figure 9. Sunlight pic to show off the beautiful sparkle in the konda green stamping polish.
Figure 10. Can I just say, I love sienna polishes so much. I am so excited to be introducing this brand to my newly formed vegan friend (meaning, she has just turned vegan). I hope she approves of the colours I’m bringing for her to try next week when I go to Perth and finally see her after 3 years!!! Woot!!
bpsreviewarabesqueplatebp92_7Figure 11. And of course, #mynailsandmyflowers. The jonquils flowered early again this year. Even earlier than last year! The weather is screwed, but my mani is on point.
Well folks, have a fantastic day/night and see you for the next review.



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