Born Pretty Store Review – Holographic Black Laser Powder

This is the first glitter powder of any sort that I have ever owned, all thanks to Vivian from Born Pretty Store allowing me to review this wonderful product for them. This is a holographic black powder, which you can buy here.
The powder comes in a small container with a twist lid. Be careful when you first open it as there is a protective sticky cover on the container which needs to be carefully peeled off. A small sponge tip applicator is also supplied with the product (not pictured) to help with applying the powder on to the nail.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder4Figure 1. The powder comes in a small clear plastic container with twist lid.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder8Figure 2. The powder in its natural habitat, in sunlight, slightly out of focus to show the different colours.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder6Figure 3. A different angle of the sunlight hitting the powder shows the holographic nature of the powder in its natural state.
I created 3 different manis using this powder. I wanted to showcase the various ways the powder can be used and did not want to do a set with the powder just piled on all over the nail. I wanted to show that it is more versatile than that, and I hope I have achieved it and shown you guys some different ways this powder can be used to great effect.
Mani 1
Base colour = Born Pretty Store soak off gel polish Red Wine Series 07
Striping tape from Born Pretty Store, and liquid peel off tape.
First up is this mani with striping tape. I was a little bit careless when applying the powder inside the striping tape used to guide the triangular pattern so some of the powder went outside my lines. But you get the idea here, I hope.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder1Figure 4. Sunlit mani with two different triangles filled in with the black holo powder. Look how it sparkles in the sun!
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder2Figure 5. No direct sunlight and the powder shows up as a plain black glitter. Still an awesome effect IMHO.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder3Figure 6. #macrolicious #upcloseandpersonail So much rainbow. This macro is slightly out of focus so you can see the different colours better.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder22Figure 7. A more focused macro in sunlight.
Mani 2
Base colour = Max Factor *Royal Blue*, Grace-full nail polish *Cootamundra Wattle*
Stamping plate = L045
Stamping polish = Hit The Bottle *Holo There Beautiful!*
My second mani showcases how the powder can be used in a glitter gradient. In this design, I placed the powder over a dark navy blue base and a green base to show off the difference in using different coloured backgrounds. You can clearly see it looks more like black glitter over the green, and more like holo glitter over the darker base. I also stamped over this design to try and add dimension to this mani. I chose a crystal structure image from hehe plate.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder11Figure 8. Sunlight picture of the glitter gradient design.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder10Figure 9. A slightly different sunlight angle. This angle brought out the pinky glitter tones more.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder9Figure 10. And another sunlight angle. There’s a bit more green sparkle in this shot.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder13Figure 11. Slightly out of focus sunlight shot.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder12Figure 12. Shade shot, but a good kind of shade 😉 Now everything looks like black glitter. Still cool. The plant is a beautiful hebe leafy plant from my garden that loves to grow in the shade.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder14Figure 13. I used a holo stamping polish to accentuate the holo black laser powder underneath and to emphasise the crystal nature of the image from the stamping plate.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder16Figure 14. Shade shot.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder15Figure 15. Another sunlight shot. This is my favourite of the pictures for this mani. So sparkly!!! *___*
Mani 3
Base colour = Born Pretty Store soak off gel polish in black and white
Stamping plate = Bundle Monster + Madam Luck BM-XL207
Stamping polish = Hit The Bottle *Poison Apple*, and *A Flock of Seagulls*
For the last mani design, I wanted to show the black powder over a black and white base polish, and then show how the design would look stamped over with graffiti. This was my favourite design out of the three. Which do you like best?
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder17Figure 16. Mani base in black and accent white gel polish from Born Pretty Store, and black holographic laser powder gradient on top. Sunlight shot.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder18Figure 17. Shade shot of base for mani number 3.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder19Figure 18. Double stamping over the black powder creates a cool extra-dimensional, gritty effect that suits the graffiti stamping images really well.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder21Figure 19. A different angle of sunlight.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder20Figure 20. Shade shot of mani 3 with double stamping, and #mynailsandmyflowers – one of the few flowers in my winter garden at the moment, a beautiful snapdragon.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder24Figure 21. #upcloseandpersonail with my pinky finger.
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder25Figure 22. This cheeky graffiti character can’t believe the beautiful black holo brick work behind her, with red brick mortar. *_*
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder23Figure 23. POLISH! Not po-lish. hehehe
bpsreviewblackhololaserpowder26Figure 24. And last pic of the white stamped nail over white base with black holographic powder.
So my overall impression of this powder is that it is very versatile to work with and easy to apply if you have enough of a tacky layer of polish. You can control the amount of glitter concentration on the nail. The only issue is that the powder does not seem like a true holographic powder. Having said that, it is still a very beautiful glittery sparkly powder and I can’t wait to use it and feature it in more nail designs.


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