Born Pretty Store Review – Chameleon Starry Nail Varnish

Wow it’s been a crazy long time since I’ve written anything here in my blog! It’s just been very busy for me of late. I will dedicate a blog post to explain at a much later date. For now, please enjoy this review of this gorgeous green coloured chameleon nail polish from Born Pretty Store, sent to me by the ever lovely Vivian. You can buy this polish here.

I created only two designs with this polish. One which showcased the original green colour of the varnish with stamped unicorns and rainbow patterns, and one which highlights its multi faceted colour shifts in a beautiful rainbow inspired mani.

First up is the unicorn mani:Figure 1. Unicorns and rainbows. In the background is an adorable unicorn slipper I picked up second hand at the Salvo’s Store where I volunteer. For this mani, I painted 2 coats of the green chameleon polish over 1 coat of plain black polish.


Figure 2. Stamping images are from Harunouta plate L045, which you can also buy from Born Pretty Store.


Figure 3. Closer up of the mani. I used various different colours of stamping polish from Hit the Bottle.


Figure 4. Sunlight picture. You can see the shimmery-ness of the chameleon polish.


Up next is mani number 2, which was inspired by the night sky – nebulae and stars.

Figure 5. I used a gradient foil, also from Born Pretty Store, to create the different nebula colours over the top of the green chameleon polish.

Figure 6. I hand painted white stars using acrylic paint over the top of the mani.


Figure 7. Sunlight picture, showing the yellow gold tinge in the green chameleon polish. Look at all that sparkly.


Figure 8. A different angle in the sunlight shows a darker green in the chameleon polish.


Figure 9. Oh yes, you knew the macro’s were next 😉


Figure 10. Ugh that gradient, and that chameleon green. Love.


Figure 11. A different angle on the pinky. Look how the yellow comes up near the cuticle. This comes from the green chameleon polish. So beautiful.


Figure 12. Index finger doesn’t show much of the green chameleon polish. I kind of covered it up too much with the beautiful gradient foils. :/


Figure 13. But look how glorious it is when balanced properly! Definitely like staring in to the universe and all its mysteries.


Figure 14. Whaaa, sunlight.


Figure 15. Oh I love how vibrant everything looks in this picture. You can definitely see the chameleon nature of that green polish.


Final thoughts: This polish is amazing for creating different artistic effects. It is definitely a great addition for creating galaxy nails or nebula/space/night sky/starry night inspired mani designs. Hence, the product name, “chameleon starry night varnish” ^_^. It is easy to paint as it has a good brush, and a good consistency. It requires 2 coats over a nice black polish (my Revlon black only requires 1 coat but you might need 2 with a different brand). Please go and buy yourself a bottle of the chameleon starry night varnish. Use my code to get 10% off any full priced item too: CHEEK31. These varnishes come in other colours too, so knock yourself out and go crazy.

Ok folks, have a wonderful day. Catch you all later.


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