Born Pretty Store Review – Ocean Starfish Water Decals

Hello! This is the last review of the previous set of review samples sent to me by Vivian from Born Pretty Store. It is my favourite mani creation of the lot. They are very cute ocean/starfish themed water decals. The possibilities are endless! I really wanted to create the deep dark sea and the bright shores of the beach with these decals. I hope you like the manis I created – there are 4 different ones in total, 2 for each design set in the water decals package. You can buy the water decals from Born Pretty Store here, item #33973. The decals come wrapped in an outer plastic. You will find there is a layer of plastic inside on top of the decals that must be removed before using them! There are two designs per sheet.
bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea1Figure 1. Ocean themed water decals from born pretty store. There are 2 designs – the top two rows (the more colourful ones) will be referred to as design 1, and the bottom two (the green and brown coloured ones) will be design 2.
The first mani I created used decal design 2. It was inspired by the deep dark depths of the ocean, but also the murky green parts that are filled with life. Although I am afraid of the water, I am fascinated by the varied life forms down there. Do you know that we’ve hardly explored the Earth’s oceans and we still find new species and life forms. Imagine what we would find on Europa, water based moon that orbits Jupiter.
For this mani, I used a bright dirty green coloured polish by a random cheap polish brand, Emily de Molly *Sample 66*, mermaid holographic glitter from Born Pretty Store, and Rimmel *Aye Aye Sailor*. I think the strategically placed glitter really brings out the beauty of the decals and makes it a more magical ocean landscape.
Figure 2. Glitter is life, as is the ocean.

bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea4Figure 3. This flakie from EdM is just divine. It is perfect under the tentacles of the various sea creatures. Shown here in sunlight.

bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea3Figure 4. A shady view tones down the sparkly-ness a tad.

bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea7Figure 5. #upcloseandpersonail!!!

bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea13Figure 6. What is lurking under the ocean???

bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea12Figure 7. Glitter! And sea creatures.
bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea5Figure 8. Mr Octopus, swimming in his garden under the sea.

bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea11Figure 9. The sunlight shows the blue glitter peeping through the shell.

bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea10Figure 10. Two different kinds of fishies – jellies and star fishes.

bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea6Figure 11. The same finger in the shade.
bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea8Figure 12. Nobody really knows what else is hiding in the ocean…

bpsreviewwaterdecalsundersea9Figure 13. But sunlight reveals all – cute starfish, shells, and of course, GLITTER.

Next up is mani number 2, using the same decal design as mani 1. The base here is more lighter, signifying a different ocean depth – more like shallow just beneath the surface, and the shoreline, hence the sandy yellow. Base polishes used were Rimmel *Do Not Disturb*, Sally Hansen *Mum’s The Word*, and Sienna’s charity polish *Rafiki*. I also placed random bits of loose green glitter powder on the teal polish base (the glitter powder is from Born Pretty Store).
Figure 14. I tried to capture a more beachy feel with this mani so took this shot in full sunlight only.
Figure 15. Jellyfish!
Figure 16. Moarrr jellyfish.
Figure 17. Octopus, all blinged up.
Figure 18. A crab just hanging around on the sand.
Figure 19. Shells in the sea.
My third mani uses the more colourful designs (the top two rows on the decals sheet – see figure 1) from the water decals. This time, I just wanted to represent a more ashy style beach, one you’d likely find along more volcanic islands like Hawaii I guess. The base polish is Sayuri in *licorice laces*. It is a beautiful lilac grey with a hint of sparkle. The accent nail is a gradient foil which you can buy from Born Pretty Store. I added some pearl decorations to symbolises the oyster, where pearls come from. You may notice I also added some pink glitter on the index finger. The loose glitter can be bought from Born Pretty Store.
Figure 20. Mani number 3 using decal design number 1.
Figure 21. A shaded shot, which shows up the pink glitter better.
Figure 22. The colourful decals complement the lilac grey tones of this Sayuri polish so well.
Figure 23. Fishes and seahorse!
Figure 24. I would like to offer you folks some pearls of wisdom… ^_^ teehehehe Don’t paint over the large pearl with top coat – it dulls the pearlescent effect. Just dot a lot of clear polish under the embellishment instead.
Figure 25. Starfish surrounding by glitter. I was trying to make the glitter look like bubbles coming up from sea vents…
Figure 26. This reminded me of the gradient colours of the ocean at different depths.
Figure 27. B-b-b-b-bubbles!!!
And last, but not least, is mani number 4, using decal design number 1. Alas, it’s been so long since I did this mani and I did not write down the details of the polish bases.
Figure 28. Sunshine shot of mani 4 with decal design 1.
Figure 29. Shade shot.
Figure 30. macro!
Figure 31. Murky green ocean and sea creatures with glitter.
Figure 32. Nobody knows what is lurking there in the deep dark ocean. Could it be shells? Fish? Aliens? We will never know because I never took a shade shot of this finger.
Figure 33. A bright sandy beach with washed up starfish.
Final verdict: As with all Born Pretty Store water decals, these were a breeze to use. I loved thinking up fun designs to match the decal designs. They are very well made and do not fall apart upon painting top coat over them. Because the designs are slightly see through, they worked really well with a glitter base to give the sea creatures some extra sparkle. Don’t forget to use my code CHEEK31 for 10% off any full priced item at Born Pretty Store.

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